Corporate Governance





Menang Corporation (M) Berhad (MCB) is committed to fair disclosure based on applicable laws and regulations. Disclosure-related matters are handled in accordance with the policy shown below.

  1. Information Covered by This Policy

    This policy covers "material information" as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations. This includes information related to corporate decisions and occurrence of material fact as stipulated by the Bursa Securities Malaysia Berhad (Bursa) in accordance with its policies for timely information disclosure and financial statements to be disclosed in accordance with laws as well as similar types of information.

  2. Basic Principles Regarding the Disclosure of Material Information

    MCB discloses material information based on the following five principles:

    1. Transparency: MCB discloses information in a factual manner, regardless of the content.
    2. Timeliness: MCB discloses information promptly, without delay, following occurrences that warrant disclosure.
    3. Fairness: MCB disperses information fairly to our various stakeholders.
    4. Continuity: MCB discloses information in a steady, continuous manner.
    5. Confidentiality: MCB does not provide information to third persons before information has officially been announced by the company.

  3. The Structure and Role of the Person in charge of the Disclosure

    The Company Secretary is responsible for the timely information disclosures, and he/she report to and consult with the Board of Directors (the Board) and Group Managing Director (GMD) / Group Chief Execuitve Officer (GCEO) on all disclosures.

    All information in the disclosures will be approved by the GMD/GCEO, his/her designates or the Board before being released.

  4. Framework for Disclosure of Material Information
    The internal framework for disclosing material information (as described above) is as follows:
    1. Timely Information Disclosure in Accordance with the Rules of Bursa
      At MCB, the company secretary is responsible for the timely information disclosures, and he or she report to and consult with the Board and GMD/GCEO on all disclosures.
    2. Disclosure of Information Not Covered by the Rules of Bursa
      Apart from the timely information disclosure stipulated by Bursa (as described above), MCB also provides information as required by applicable laws and regulations and then disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Other
    1. Market Rumors
      In general, MCB does not respond to inquiries regarding markets rumors. However in some case, MCB may respond to a rumor when not responding could have serious ramifications for the company.
      Note 1: Under Bursa Listing Requirements, the spreading of market rumors is forbidden when offering a security, conducting any trade in a security or when attempting to impact the market fluctuation of a security.
    2. Public Relations/Media
      All calls received through MCB general line relating to Public Relations/Media should be directed to Ms Tan Shoo Li (Special Assistant to MDSB Chairman) which will then be brought to the GMD/GCEO. The Board of Directors will be duly informed if necessary.
    3. Grievances/Whistleblowing
      Any grievances or concerns should be raised to the employee’s immediate Supervisor / Head of Department (HOD) and if not possible or appropriate for any reason, then it should be reported to the Executive Directors or the designated Independent Non-Executive Director. Whisblowing reports will be addressed in accordance with the Company’s Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures Handbook.
    4. General Enquiries
      All general enquires received via MCB general line or general Company email ( or submitted through MCB website will channel through the Administration Department. Enquiries are then directed to the appropriate HOD, Company Secretary or designated personnel for further action. The basic principles of Information Disclosure are always maintained (refer to item 2 in ths Policy).
    5. Corrections to this Corporate Disclosure Policy
      The Board must deliberate and authorize any amendments made to this Corporate Disclosure Policy.

      (August 2017)